Sunday 16th June is again time for the ‘ultimate moment’, our club performing again this year with the behavior and obedience exam.

A souvenir will be given to each participant.

A certificate showing the points obtained on each exercise.

If successful, a certificate of passage to the next class. In class C, it is again possible to obtain the ISC club license.

A special mention for the club champion is planned.

You can enroll in one of the following 5 classes:

CLASS A: having participated in at least 6 courses.

CLASS B: same

CLASS C: same CLAS B2: open to all members who do not have the opportunity to participate in behavior and obedience classes on our grounds on Saturdays.

CLASS D: open to all members whose dog has the official SRSH obedience certificate (send a copy with registration) or the ISC club certificate.

It is not allowed to enroll in a lower class than the one in which one took lessons.

To participate, you must be a member of the ISC.

The specifications of the exercises imposed according to the different classes can be obtained from the premises of the ISC or requested by mail from the secretariat, from May 27, 2024. Participation in the exam is free! ! !

You can register via the following link: registration

Snacks will be available throughout the day.

On Saturdays 8 and 15 June, you can train on the marked course from 2 p.m.


Be a member of the Irish Setter Club Belgium. Threatening the dog results in immediate exclusion. Calling the dog’s name directly in connection with a command is not a subsequent command: for example, “Ruffle sit”. At the beginning and end of each exercise, bring the dog to heel. These commands do not count for scoring. The presentation of the dogs is done by order number determined by the date of registration. The dog must be presented by its owner. Handling by anyone other than the owner is prohibited. The last person registered is the first. The order of the exercises is determined by the judges. Bitches in heat can take part in the examination. However, they will only have their turn after all the other participants have finished their tests. Each participant accepts the rules of the competition, undertakes to respect them and to accept the sporting decisions of the jury. In case of equality of points, an additional test will have to be carried out. Be sure to be there in time for your dog to run around and relieve himself if necessary. Be sure to be relaxed and don’t forget to bring your good mood! For your own comfort and peace of mind for your setter, it is recommended that you bring a dog crate. The instructors are waiting for you!