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Founded in 1973, the Irish Setter Club represents the interests of the Red & Red-white Irish Setter.

Every year we host a number of activities: Breed Special, Young Dog Day, field trial competition & initiation days, beach walk, St Patrick’s day, summer festival, cynological activity, St Hubertus celebration, show lessons and weekly behaviour & obedience lessons.

The Irish Setter Club publishes the club magazine “The Irish Setter” 4 times a year.

Have we aroused your interest? Come and meet us at one of these activities or pay a visit to our ISC grounds.


The Irish Setter Club is a club with a long history founded in 1973 by Mr. Piet Jacobs, owner of the then very successful Lowfield kennel.
Initially, the Irish Setter Club was part of the Setter Club Belge, as a section of the club. But between the ISC and the Setter Club Belge arrangements were made ​​so that the Irish Setter Club could go his own way without interference from the mother organization, ie its own government, its own members, own breeding rules and own activities.

Meanwhile, the Irish Setter Club was recognized in 2000 as an autonomous and independent breed club with basic number 1095 by the KMSH and therefore a direct interlocutor with KMSH and FCI. Given the developments concerning the Irish Red & White Setter it was obvious that the Irish Setter Club would also take them under her wing (2001) in order to defend its interests.
Since we started the Irish Setter Club developed as a vibrant association where the canine and the interest in the Irish Setter are priority.

In order to strengthen solidarity between the members quickly the issue of their own magazine was founded. Already in 1974, the brand new Irish Setter Club came out with its own club match. Over the years, this activity became the event of the year. Also in ’74 obedience classes started, which nowadays are still given. In that same year our first “Breed special” (club show) was organized.

In 1988, the club showed a half-brother or half sister: the ‘Youngsters day’. As the name suggests only for young Irish Setters to 30 months old, with the intention to get a complete picture of what the breeding is delivering in the future.
Also focus was made to the natural inclinations of our setters.

Of course kennels disappeared and new ones were introduced, some of the people in the pioneer period are still active today. Also regarding the health of our Irish, the club has an important role. In 1977 the FAC (FAC = Breeding Advisory Committee) was founded. There have obviously been many imports, new lines were added and tested, others were divested. In short the ISC has in recent years been busy and our Irish are among the best of what is currently on the mainland.
No doubt the merit of people with perseverance and the result of years of selective breeding and what a critical feature of our Belgian Irish Setter breeders.

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From our materials master, you can purchase our Anniversary Book + attachments, illustrated with numerous photographs and the history of the Irish Setter Club.


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