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The Irish Setter

The Irish Setter developed in Ireland where it was used and selected as a hunting dog for centuries. As a result, it possesses a special character and behaviour.
These inherited traits are valuable and typical of the Irish setter.

Those who want to get to know the breed better and experience full joy from it must learn to develop those innate characteristics. This can be done in a process, which mainly takes place in the field. Those who make this effort will gain many experiences and give the Irish Setter the chance to fully develop its abilities.

Over the years, the Irish Setter developed into a strong, healthy, intelligent dog with excellent working ability and great stamina.


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Calendar Activities

Calendar Activities

14/01/2023New years reception12/02/20231st lesson Field Trial in Stekene18/02/2023General...

Birth 23/10/2023

Birth 23/10/2023

Date of birthnumber of dogsnumber of bitchesBreederCombination23/10/2023Colour: Red57VAN DE...

Attention please!

Attention please!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Jan/Feb/March 2023 club magazine will be published...

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