Junior and veteran day 05/05/2024

On Sunday 05 May, as every year, we expect our very young Irish, red and red/white in large numbers at our club grounds in Wommelgem.

On this day we can once again demonstrate how important the youth are, after all, they are the future. This is not only a great day for the breeders, who can follow the evolution of their and other offspring, but also for the owners who can meet the litter brothers and sisters of their offspring and their respective owners, a great day to exchange thoughts and enjoy all that red and red/white young violence in a relaxed way.

Just like in previous years, our veterans are also present, one more reason to register and be present.

Like every year, we appeal to the breeders to make this day a pleasant get-together with their puppy buyers.

This important day should not and cannot pass unnoticed.

You can then gain a bit of show experience, enjoy the atmosphere and conviviality around this event. The judge will give his opinion about your setter. If this assessment is a little disappointing to you, always keep in mind that this is just the view of the judge and a snapshot of your growing dog. However, never forget that for you your dog is always the most beautiful, the best and the sweetest.

For this day we have invited an experienced judge:

Mr Pelt Nicolas (LUX) for the Red Irish Setter and the Red & White Irish Setters.

In our clubhouse you can enjoy coffee/tea, soft drinks, beer and sandwiches. Everyone is therefore very welcome on this day.

Registration: registrations closed!

The forms with ring numbers are not sent! You will only receive a confirmation of registration. With this confirmation, the ring numbers can be collected when registering at the secretariat on the day of the inspections.

Location of the event:

Terrain Irish Setter Club – Fort 2 Street – 2160 Wommelgem

Terrain open: 8:00 am

Start of inspections: 10:00


BABY CLASS : for all dogs from 3 to 6 months old on the day of the show.
In this class, the qualifications are given very promising, promising and satisfactory.

PUPPY CLASS : for all dogs from 6 to 9 months old on the day of the show.
In this class, the qualifications Promising, Promising and Sufficient are given.

JUNIOR CLASS: for all dogs from 9 to 18 months old on the day of the show.

INTERMEDIATE CLASS : for all dogs from 15 to 24 months.

YOUNG DOG CLASS: for all dogs from 24 to 30 months

VETERAN CLASS : for all dogs over 8 years old.

1st dog25 euro
2nd,3rd… dog22 euro
Baby does not count as 1st dog
20 euro