Canine activity

Epilepsy Conference

Wednesday 17 May 2023, 7 p.m. - ISC Fort II-straat, 2160 Wommelgem
Teacher. Dr Bart Broeckx, Dr Laura Adant and Dr Fien Verdoodt
from Ghent University
Neurology team:
What is epilepsy and how do you recognize an epileptic seizure?
What are the causes of epilepsy?
Treatment and prognosis (focus on idiopathic epilepsy - not idiopathic: cause afh)
Genetics team:
Presentation of the Advisory Center for Clinical Genetics
Known Variants Causing Epilepsy
Difference between monogenic and polygenic disorders and how it happens in the setter.
How to treat sick people and parents of sick people on the farm.
What can the club association do?